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universal printed circuit co., ltd.

Double-sided and Multi-layer Printed Wiring Boards
Lead-free Finishes:
          ENIG, Immersion Tin, OSP& flash gold
Bondable Gold for Chip-On-Board (COB)
Blind, Buried, and Micro-Vias
Controlled impedance of inner and outer layers
High Temperature Substrates
RF Substrates (Rogers 4003, 3003, 5880, TMM-10i)
ISO 9002, UL Certified: UL E78130

Started in 1979, Universal Printed Circuit Co.
is not your typical Far East PCB manufacturer.
Instead, Universal offers:

1) Quick response to requests for quotation.
2) Good prices at low volume.
3) Great prices at high volume.
4) Standard delivery in 3 weeks.
5) Quick turnaround service available.
6) Dedication to quality.

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    Phone: 888-225-5459

    E-Mail: info@circuitsource.com

    Fax:  888-329-2459