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universal printed circuit co., ltd.

Request for Quotation

Please enter your information and then click on Submit Form at the bottom of the page. Our normal response time is one business day. We appreciate the opportunity to provide a quotation on your requirements.

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Enter Drawing Number, Part Number or other reference:

Select the type of board:    Single-sided     Double-sided     4-Layer     6-Layer     8-Layer

Select the material:    FR-4    CEM-3     Polyimide     Other

Select the finished copper thickness:    1/2 ounce     1 ounce    2 ounce     other

Select the material thickness:    0.031     0.062      0.093   Other
                                                (0.75 mm)        (1.5 mm)         (2.3 mm)

Enter the outside dimensions of the board: x    inches     mm

Enter the total number of holes:    and the number of different hole sizes: 

Enter the minimum trace width:   and the minimum spacing:    inches    mm

Enter the plating:  Hot Air Solder Leveled    Gold over Nickel     Gold thickness (microinches):

Enter soldermask information:    None         One side        Two sides
                                         LPI soldermask      Screen Print mask     Not Applicable

Enter silkscreen information:       None        One side         Two sides

Panel Information (if applicable):      Number of boards per panel   
                                                       Panel outside dimensions: x    inches  mm

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Contact Us

Phone: 888-225-5459

E-Mail: info@circuitsource.com

Fax:  888-329-2459

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Last revised: November 22, 2008